Psycho-stimulant Effects on Children:  A Primer for School Psychologists and Counselors.  By Peter Breggin M.D.  



"This prospective longitudinal study of ADHD and age-mate control subjects...has provided evidence that childhood use of CNS treatment is significantly and pervasively implicated in the uptake of regular smoking, in daily smoking in adulthood, in cocaine dependence, and in the lifetime use of cocaine and stimulants" 


Nadine Lambert.  Research Presented at the NIH Consensus Development Conference 1998 Stimulant Treatment as a Risk Factor for Nicotine Use and Substance Abuse.  Dr. Lambert is a professor and the Chairperson of The University of California at Berkeley Psychology Division




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In the United States more money is spent on drugs for children with behavior issues than for antibiotics and asthma. A 49 percent rise in the use of attention deficit disorder drugs by children younger than 5 in the past three years contributed to a 23 percent increase in usage for all children.  Today more than 9 million American children are taking these drugs.





The effects of Methylphenidate, Amphetamine, and Cocaine on the brain are strikingly similar.


The truth of ADHD and Brain Scans


Did you know that no controls were used in brain scans when looking for ADHD. The scans were only performed on children taking drugs and not compared to one that were not.  


"The issue of prior medication exposure in ADHD subjects constitutes a serious confound in this body of research, and still continues to be dismissed and willfully obscured by researchers in this field."

The Institute of Mind and Behavior






DEA Report on Methylphenidate


"The use of methylphenidate in the United States has increased dramatically in recent years.  Since 1990, there has been a six-fold increase in the U.S. production and utilization of methylphenidate.  This increase contrasts sharply with trends in medical practice seen in the rest of the world"  To read the entire report posted on





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