Dr. C. Keith Conners Ph.D.                                                                                                   4-26-02

Box 3431

Duke Medical Center

718 Rutherford Street

Durham , NC 27705


 Dr. Conners:

 It is my understanding you are the author of the Conner’s Performance Test  “CPT” used for determining the disease ADHD in individuals.

 As such, may I please request you provide me with a copy of the certification validating your test (and/or its procedures) as to the “CPT” being an accurate, efficient standard capable of determining the presence of the disease ADHD?

 Specifically ALL I’m looking for is a copy of a certificate issued by any of the following:  The CDC, FDA, DEA, NIH, NIMH, DHE&W and/or the Kansas State Board of Education in Kansas, and the Kansas Blue Valley School districts certification underwriting, certifying, validating, approving your CPT as a validated  test standard that will accurately, efficiently ascertain the presence of ADHD, most specifically in minor children. 

 I have contacted the above entities and they have not been able to provide me with a copy of this validation, so I respectfully look to you for a certification of same.

 Should you not be able to provide this validation, I will take that to mean the CPT has not obtained validation by any of the above Federal, State and Local agencies.



 G.B.  “Name withheld for privacy”